Bitcoin Mining Website NiceHash Got Hacked! 70,000,000


*intro* Oh My god oh my god Bitcoin you sweet bastard Will you stop being so volatile man? I mean my perfume is less volatile than you, man Stop climbing so quickly yes people bitcoins bitcoins Just grows to $17,000 and about to cross it I really have no idea

What is happening here This is the price of it when I was making the Script who knows what will be its price when I upload this video will It fall or rise even more like this thing climbs up a $1000 in just 24 hours Can you believe it because I can't but with this volatility the vulnerability is also increased yes the hackers have break into nice Hash which is a Bitcoin mining website and according to certain sources? They have stolen 70 million worth of Bitcoin now That is something unbelievable Didn't Bitcoin came to prevent security issues an online money theft didn't it?? but hackers have break that too for the people who don't Know about nice hash basically nicehash is just a Bitcoin mining website Which uses your computer GPUs and mines bitcoins for you So they should be accountable for that the website owner said that they will shut it down for a day to evaluate the total theft of bitcoins, but wait a minute I mean what about those people who have sacrificed their GPU powers and earned Bitcoin and made millions out of it, that's all gone Right that's all gone I mean before bitcoins credit card were considered unsafe and now bitcoins They have breached this as well the secured cryptocurrency my god that is unbelievable that is a total disguise I'm telling you so so my advice to you guys is that if you have invested in bitcoins Then make sure you change your passwords every week and monitor your wallet every day no matter how much you have invested if anything is Suspicious then do email the customer support I am sure they are going to take actions on it Also, you can turn the two-way verification by which you will get the code on the mobile first And then you have to put that code in the website in order to sign in so that is all I have got guys if you learned something from this video Then give it a like and share your opinions with me guys because I'm really not getting this Bitcoin thing I mean this is very young to these people who have invested in bitcoins and lost it Please share your opinions with me guys **peace out**

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